scientific output

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My book!

Growth and transport in nanostructured materials: reactive transport in PVD, CVD, and ALD

Selected talks

[Invited Talk] How Chemistry Drives Microstructure: Probing the Structure of sub-nm ALD Materials using in-situ FTIR and Synchrotron Techniques, PCSI 46, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2019).

[Invited Talk] Neuromorphic Architectures for Smart Sensing Applications—Lessons from the Insect Brain, PCSI 46, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2019).

[Invited Talk] The impact of surface chemistry on throughput and conformality: a comparison between ALD and low pressure CVD, EMRS Fall Meeting, Warsaw (2018)

[Invited Talk] Building blocks and materials needs in neuromorphic computing: lessons from the insect brain, MRS Spring Meeting, Tucson, Arizona (2018).

[Invited Session Talk] The structure of sub-nm oxides synthesized by atomic layer deposition: from isolated cations to the emergence of crystallinity, AVS 64th International Symposium and Exhibition, Tampa, Florida (2017). 2017 AVS Rising Star talk.

[Invited Talk] When there is no bulk: growth and structure of semiconductor oxides and nanolaminates, 17th International Conference in Atomic Layer Deposition, Denver, Colorado (2017).

[Invited Talk] Linking surface kinetics, microstructure, and conformality: early steps towards predictive synthesis in ALD and CVD, Joint EuroCVD 21 - Baltic ALD 15, Linkoping, Sweden (2017)

[Panelist] Building to last: challenges in additive manufacturing going from prototype to functional component. Roadmap Workshop on Measurement Science for Polymer-Based Additive Manufacturing, Gaithersburg, USA (2016)

[Invited talk] Growth under the influence of chemistry: the emergence of microstructure and metastable phases far from equilibrium, Fall 2015 Prairie Section Meeting, Notre Dame (2015)

[Invited talk] From Atom to Solid: The Structure of Amorphous ALD Thin Films and Nanolaminates, AVS 62nd International Symposium & Exhibition, San Jose (2015)

[Invited talk] Analytic solution to the problem of ALD growth in cross-flow reactors: surface coverage, saturation curves, and scale up, 13th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition, San Diego (2013)

[Invited talk] In-situ FTIR characterization of growth inhibition in Atomic Layer Deposition using reversible surface functionalization, Pacific Rim Meeting on Electrochemical and Solid-State Science, Honolulu, Hawaii (2012).

[Featured talk] In-situ FTIR characterization of growth inhibition in Atomic Layer Deposition using reversible surface functionalization, 12th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition, Dresden, Germany (2012).

Book chapters

A. Yanguas-Gil and H. Woormester, Relationship between Surface Morphology and Effective Medium Roughness, in Ellipsometry at the Nanoscale, M. Losurdo and K. Hingerl, eds. Springer-Verlag (2013).


  1. Surface preparation for thin film growth by enhanced nucleation, US Patent 7,943,527.
  2. Doping control by ALD surface functionalization, US Patent 8,951,615.
  3. Method and system for continous atomic layer deposition, US Patent 9,598,769
  4. Fast method for reactor and feature scale coupling in ALD and CVD, US Patent 9,727,672
  5. Polymer-hybrid electro-optic devices and method of fabricating polymer-hybrid electro-optic devices, US Patent 10,164,188